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In 2010 our guests were

In 2010 our guests were

  • From May 22nd to may 27th 2010 the orchestra from the german grammar school Carolinum Ansbach and the wind-orchestra from the civic music school Ansbach, 55 musicians
  • From June 27th to July 2nd 2010 the german youth symphony orchestra from the Augustiner-school Friedberg, 95 musicians

The Friedberg orcherstra 

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11th-18th July
Choir and orchestra (180 people)

The geman youth symphony orchestra, the choir and the orchestra from the Eberhard-Ludwigs-grammar school, Stuttgart (they were four times at the Hellenikon Idyllion) 180 musicians sang and played big choir opus, arias and Theodorakis-songs on July 16th at the village square waterfront in Selianitika and on July 17th at the big place at the sea in Derveni near Corinth.

Conductors: Andrea Amann, Gereon Müller, Dirk Siegel

Gereon Müller, Andrea Amann, Dirk Siegel, concert in Derveni

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