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Invitation for Greek learning classes to perform a musical drama

Learn classic greek and experience the culture with music and performance in the Garden of the Muses and the Epicurus.
Enjoy the melody of this language and cultivate your spirit with its unique expressiveness. Enhance your positive power, stimulate your fantasy!

We invite you to come to the Hellenikon Idyllion right next to the seaside, located at the coast of the western Peleponnes in Selianitika, near Egion.

Bring your excitement and your creative ideas with you to learn the language of Sokrates, Platon, Pindar and Homer. Combine inspired dialogs or poetic verses and the music from renowned composers (eg. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven) with your acting, dramatic and choreographic expression into a successful synthesis.

You can choose any classic music you want.

We would like to promote your choice of learning Antique Greek by offering you accommodation for a reduced price that has only the purpose of covering our costs. 

If you want to, we can plan and organize your concerts in highschools and suitable halls.

Please tell us when and with how many attendees you could come here and we will contact you immediatly!

We look forward to hearing from you and would love to give you more information.

Hellenikon Idyllion


The bungalows and flats with two or more beds are provided with bathroom and kitchen. Hellenikon Idyllion offers space for 70 people more people until 120 persons in the hotel nearby,  Breakfast, lunch and dinner can either be prepared individually or be taken in the tavern nearby.


We recommend to travel to Athens by plane. We help you to organize your transport from the airport to Egion/Selianitika (about 2 hrs.). If you go by car or bus you take the ferry boat from Ancona or Bari/Italy to Patras/Greece.

Facilities for Rehearsing 

In the wide and shadowy garden there is a Schimmel Grand piano in a glaspavilion. Furthermore we can offer two big rooms with pianos and many shadowy places in the garden.
Due to a nice breeze from the sea it will never be too hot. There are two stages for rehearsals, concerts, dance, theatre and performances of any kind. Concerts in the surrounding countryside for instance, in an antique theater, can be organized.


The famous antique places like Olympia, Delphi, Mykene and Epidauros can easily be visited from Selianitika. Mythological landscape and old greek monuments can be enjoyed. There is also the possibility to relax in the garden or at the beach or to go for a swim in the sea which is just in front of Hellenikon Idyllion.

Some of the guests at Hellenikon Idyllion:

August 2004 Orpheus and Eurydice from Glueck and the Hymns of Pindar from Spyros Mazis with the Opera Studio Meran, Italy, 100 Musicians

  • The Sinfonic Wind Orchestra of the youth's music school of Singen, Germany
  • July 2003: Youth Symphony orchestra of Strasbourg
  • Some of our guests in 2002: Neckarsulm Youth Symphony Orchestra, Germany, Youth Wind Orchestra of Frankfurt, school orchestra of the Rudolf Steiner school Basel, Wood and Metal Connection Symphony Orchestra, Switzerland
  • Some of our guests in 2001: The Youth Symphony Orchestra Zürich, The Youth Chamber Orchestra Schleswig Holstein and the schoolchoir of Gera, Germany -the last two even for the 3rd time.

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