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Why you should spend some weeks at Hellenikon  Idyllion during the winter?
For those who want to escape the cold, wet, north European winter to sojourn simply and favorably in a simple and pleasant environment in Greece, we suggest to come to our “Garden of Muses” at the Hellenikon Idyllion.
We offer a creative and comfortable life in our heated apartments and bungalows, which are located in a beautiful garden with mature citrus trees. We are located close to the sea and in which you can swim approximately until mid-November to keep the body and the immune system healthy.

What makes Hellenikon  Idyllion and Seliantika advantegous as a holiday destination?

Its  central location. Archaeological sites are located in every compass direction: Olympia, Delphi, Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus and more. There is something to discover in all these places.
Selianitika is well served by public transportation, so that every destination can be reached easily Thanks to the Greek good climate and mild winters, daily excursions by bus are comfortable.
Intercity busses from many big Greek cities like Athens, Patra and Aigio stop at Selianitika. For those who want to come with  their own cars, it is possible to take the ferries from Italy  to Patra. Also cars for rent are available everywhere.
There is a wide range of Medical Care available to be provided in case needed. The  of Aigio is located at a distance of 7 kilometers and ten minutes’ drive away from Selianitika. There are many good doctors in this city who speak English. The large regional University hospital of Patra is located at Rion, 26 kilometers and 20 minutes’ drive away from Seliantika. Hospitals in Athens are 120 minutes’ drive away via the motorway. A pharmacy is located only 400 meters from our premises.
For those who feel like they want to have some snow experience during the mild winter, there is a wonderful skiing area near the town of   Kalavryta only one hour away.

Meet People and Getting Together.
During your stay here you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the place and  the people and make friends with the local Greeks.
Many of our winter guests have fallen in love with the wonderful surroundings so much that subsequently they had looked for a permanent residence in our village Selianitika and the surrounding area. Some of them have their own residences close to Seliantika for many years now.


 To get together, local taverns are a good choice. Almost all of them are open throughout the whole year. There is a cozy tavern with a fireplace, open all time, only 100-200 meters away from our premises. Nevertheless, there are in our village, Selianitika, several bars and restaurants which are open during wintertime, waiting for you to be socialized.
Of course, Hellenikon Idyllion is a place, where people are welcomed to be together. You can play music together as a group or linger with mulled wine and baked potatoes in our sitting room. Furthermore, you can cook Greek specialties in our authentic stone ovens in the garden and enjoy being together with other guests on sunny days.
Play music. Be inspired. Be educated
In the music instruments we are providing, a grand piano, several pianos and electric pianos, one cello, one contrabass, one guitar, one mandolin, one drum set, two congas, two tympani are included. They can be played also on the two roofed wooden floor stages, in which our music performances   are focused on and where our   cultural activities are usually taking place. 
In these surroundings, you can save time for yourself, take a step back from everyday stress and reset yourself again.
Musicians and artists can get inspired by their contact with nature and like-minded guests. Furthermore you can take your time to explore our well enriched library, to read and to philosophize. You will have the opportunity become familiar with the roots of the Greek culture and to learn Ancient and/or Modern Greek in courses offered by local philologists.

Live in a Natural Environment
Our artistic garden is sited next to a beach along the coastline of the Gulf of Corinth. Selianitika is located at the north-west Peloponnese amidst a natural environment between the sea and wooded mountains. There is something for everyone!
In our 4.000-square meter garden you can find numerous fruits, vegetables and herbs, which you can pick freely, even in the winter time.
Ιn our garden there are olives, oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits, bergamots, kumquats, eggplants, avocados, paprika, basil, rosemary, , thyme the last grapes and many more herbs. Those who are interested in taking care of the garden and shaping it are very welcomed to do so.

Personalized Apartment Rental Prices, Cheap cost of Living

We offer a special ‘’acquaintance’’ price during the wintertime to get to know our place. It is determined by the duration of stay, the facilities operating, unforeseen expenses and your  musical instrument needs. The price of your stay is negotiable depending on its duration [e.g. week /s or month /s] as well as on the time period. It is different from November to March than that from April to October].
If you are willing to play music, to provide with cultural courses or to work in the garden occasionally, then  we will find a personalized financial solution, so that all of our guests are fully satisfied and a mutual benefit is achieved always.
Food and rental prices and life in general, are cheaper in Greece compared to those in most of the western European countries. While shopping in   Selianitica you will find opportunities for cheap price meat, fish, bread (which you can make by yourself also in our stone oven in the garden), vegetables and fruits, as well as a confectionery.  Α supermarket is located only 400 meters from our premises.
I am looking forward to your feedback questions, to make the best possible for you!

With kind and sunny greetings,

Andreas Drekis

Contact us:
Tel: +30 210 34 61 034 mobil 0030 69 72 26 33 56 (WchatsApp)



Supported cultural projekts in winter

From November 2020 until April 2021

A winter without snow for culturally and musically creative people who are young-at-heart and who would like to spent some time at Hellenikon Idyllion in order to escape the frosty winter in their own country. 
In order to our two supported projects "Classical Sounds and Sea" and "Cultural-Cooperation: Summer and Winter" we offer one- and two-room apartments uder special conditions, which will only cover our own expenses as heating, gardening, music equipment, organisation, etc. 
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. We will find an optimal solution together, prices on agreement.


Our music room with Grandpiano in the winter


this is our community room

You will have the chance to use our music equipment, the library, as well as our fruit and vegetable garden and the stone oven including firewood free of charge.

We provide for our winter guests our own organic in fine olive oil pickled olives, as a tasty welcome gift! From November until the end of March you are able to pick oranges, mandarins,grapefruits, lemons and olives to your heart’s content. Until the beginning of December there will be still some nuts, kaki fruits, pomegranates, grapes and figs. 

The seawater is by the mid of November 19-20°C warm and you are able to take a swim even in the middle of December by 17-18°C water temperature. 

Another incomparable enjoyment is the use of the stone oven, where you can roast dishes, as potato, lamb or several kind of vegetables, ... over the head of vine and olive wood.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you interested! Just let us know when you would like to come and whether you are able to offer something artistic, scientific or a handicraft. 

Roasted lamb and potato in our stone oven.


Sunny greetings from the Selianitika coast 10 meter from Helleniikon Idyllion, see you soon!

P.S.: In our village Selianitika several bars and restaurants are open during the winter month. A hospital in Aigio and a big university hospital in Rion close to Patras are only 7 up to 26 kilometres away. You are able to reach Athens in about two hours by car by taking the motorway.

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