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Many entries here are translations from the german guestbook.

02. Febr. 2018



23rd of November 2015

Dear Andreas,

The concert we were able to give was amazing!
Thanks a lot!
Everyone was completely thrilled!
Great stage!! The piano tuner did a lovely job on the grand piano!
Incredible that we were still able to have a swim in the sea by the mid of November.

Julianne, Judwig and Susanne

22nd of November 2015

Dear Andreas,

Thank you so much for your e-mail and the fantastic video!
We, especially the students, outpace a tough week, because we needed to bring the date of our theatre performance forward by one week, in order to the exams. We already performed the day before yesterday and everything turned out well. Though we didn’t had time to promote our play 50-60 people were watching us and were thrilled, although most of them didn’t even understood ancient Greek language. My wife and my daughter were really delighted. At our school we had more possibilities of working with light- and sound effects and we were building up a proper stage set as well. But I think the students were acting with more passion at Hellenikon Idyllion. The spirit of Dionysos seems to be closer in Greece than in the north part of Germany.
I was recording the play with my HD-camera and going to send the DVD of it in the up coming week to you.

The pupils as well as we teacher are still looking back to our Greece trip with the best of memories in our minds. Lots of the teenager improved themself and their confidence through this drama project and also the group itself is grown together a good bit. Some of the parents mentioned after the performance that they are very grateful that we were offering this opportunity to their children and that the students will never forget this wonderful experience. A couple of those students were never in a foreign country before. I really hope, that this project is going to help the students to stay interested in learning the ancient Greek language.

We would love to follow your invitation to come up to Greece again in the following year, but half of the group is doing their A-levels and have exams on. In order to that the headmaster isn’t able to release us for some days again. Additionally I doubt that the supporting association of our school is willing to sponsor another Greece trip that soon. But there will be new pupils of ancient Greek in future, so we might be able to start the next project in two or three years. Anyways the experiences we made this year will be very helpful for the next time. We will definitely pay more attention on the pronunciation from the beginning on.
Next year in November I’m going to present our drama project on a classical-language-conference where ancient-Greek-language-teacher from all over taking part. I will show the video there so that also other schools get to know the Hellenikon Idyllion and take advantage of your offer.

Kind regards also from Gabi and Jana

14th of November 2015

Dear Andreas,
Dear Gerda,
Dear Judith,

It was a great pleasure to have our yoga classes in this idyllic garden Cantienica. Amazing start with blessings, Muses and Gods!

Thank you for all
Recto Talus Stare

The yoga class from Berlin


13th of November 2015

Dear Andreas,

thank you for this incredible, idyllic place you were creating and sharing with so many people that easily. It is gorgeous to be able to pick all those lovely fruits (grapes, lemons, mandarins, pomegranates,…) direct from the trees. The huge garden invites you for having a little break and to relax.

Dear Judith, dear Gerda,

we would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the two of you. It was a great time we were spending together, you were in every way a big help to us! We will always keep the lovely memories in our minds as: heating the stone oven, playing cards, drinking vine, relaxing at the beach, going for a swim, climbing up to the cross on the summit of the mountain, drinking Greek beer, enjoying squash soup, going for Greek shopping,…!

Dear Team-Idylion,

we were coming up to you with the wildest dreams – a garden, directly at the sea!
We were thinking about going for swims, practising yoga, eating feta, olives and lots of other Greek specialities every day!
And indeed it was exactly as the pictures we have had in our minds, but even better!
A fruit-flat rate, the delicate colours of the light, the intense reds of the wonderful sunrises and sunsets and so much more… Delphi!
Having a campfire and making pizza in the stone oven… amazing!
Thank you all! Your support was very good, with this in mind, all the best

Sarah and Stefan

1st of November 2015

Dear Andreas, dear trainee Judith,

Thank you for this fantastic week full of lovely fruits, the scent of roses, sun and nice conversations.
I hope that I will be able to come back with a bigger group of singers and a choir next year.
To create this unique space, was just a wonderful idea.
I wish you continued success!

All the best and see you soon!
Dana Zeimer

29th of October 2015

Dear Andreas, dear trainee Judith,

we spend two weeks in Hellenikon Idyllion – it was a truly inspiring time – equally rich in intense practice phases, wonderful concerts, various trips to lovely parts of this beautiful country, and last but not least a friendly atmosphere at this magical place!
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartily thanks to Andreas for his generosity and hospitality. We are leaving Hellenikon Idyllion with heavy hearts but, Θησαυρός ποικίλων μηνυμάτων..., the ες αεί… will always stay in our minds. It is like a rich treasury of experience, knowledge, education and values we will always keep in good memories…

Ulli Krupp, conductor and choirmaster of the 60-people young symphony orchestra from Angela-Merici-Gymnasium Trier, as the coaching team and pupils

17th of October 2015

At the end of my relaxing holidays in the Garden of the Muses at Hellenikon Idyllion, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone, that was caring for my wellbeing during my stay:

First of all the residents of Hellenikon Idyllion

  • Andreas who consistently makes an effort to connect culture with nature to create a long lasting, sensual pleasure for their producer as well as their audience
  • Alica, Judith and Nina the friendly trainees who were up to help all around the clock
  • Dionysios who is kind of the man for everything and never gets tiered of giving advice and assistance  

Secondly the other guests

  • Darya Dadykina and Vasily Gvodetsky – two pianists from Ukraine and Russia who were performing two sensitive variegated (e.g. from Orpheus and Eurydice of C.W. Gluck), valuable interpreted and in a unique atmosphere (sounds of the sea and chirping crickets in the background) impressively piano concerts  
  • All pupils and teachers of the Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum who were practicing and in the end performing the play Helike Athanatos in ancient Greek language which I will never forget. You were serious and enthusiastic at the same time and it was a pleasure to watch you. I am also grateful for the as well as for the trips we had together and the friendly neighbourhood in the Garden of the Muses at the Hellenikon Idyllion!

Cornelia Beck

15th of October 2015

Dear Andreas,

Thank you so much for your warm welcomes and the amazing opportunity to enjoy the country and its people in its originality!

Birger Hutzfeldt, Jana Schwertfeger, Gabriele (teacher of the students from Gymansium HTS Husum)

Many thanks to give us the possibility to stay two unforgettable weeks long in such a beautiful garden.

Gymnasium HTS Husum

4th of October 2015

Dear Andreas,

when we read the advertisement of Hellenikon Idyllion for the very first time we were thrilled. We pictured a haven of art, a beautiful mountainside, clean beaches and especially the Greek ground, which raised so many gods and artists.
And what should I say?! We weren’t not only not disappointed, our stay exceeded all our expectations.
By seeing the pomegranate trees bearing fruits, you feel the spirit Dionysos’.
But the icing on the cake,  which you definitely can’t expect everywhere, is the heartily hospitality, that enabled everything!
We wish you an enjoyable get-together for further several years in the Garden of the Muses!

Darya Dadykina and Vasily Gozdetsti

1st of October 2015

Dear Andreas, dear girls,

we spend some happy and inspiring days at your truly Garden of the Muses: chirping crickets, the sound of the sea, grapes, figs, kaki fruits,… that were basically falling into our hands.
We want to use the opportunity the say thanks to the three girls: always helpful and up to do something as solving the big mystery of the use of Greek washing machines,…
Besides we would like to express special thanks to the father of the gods Andreas, who was kindly and wisely controlling our destinies from the high above Olympus.
He was the reason that we were able to reach Zeus and going down into the fields of Hera, driving to the grave of Pelops and back up again to the bright heights where Apollo lives. Furthermore he was conjuring up some musicians who were taking us into another world, full of occidental sounds and thoughts.
And maybe he was also calling Poseidon in whose glinting waves our pupil were rushing full of joy! Who knows?
In the end I don’t want to forget to mention the two spirits Soula and Vasili, that made us aware of the real determination of human beings: opening cans and cans of cat food.
We want to say thank you for your generosity at times we didn’t draw or read, but were acting like coming straight up from the Troublemaker Street – that was just an expression of feeling like home.

Yours grade 12 of the Waldorfschule Berlin-Havelhöhe

26th of July 2015

Dear Andreas,

we were booking into yours in order to collect our children Diana and Bobby. Due to the concert tour of the Youth Symphony Orchestra Leipzig they spend a little while in Selianitika.
After the orchestra was leaving we were staying another 9 days in you paradise.
The time was simply incredible nice, it was kind of the most relaxing and pleasant family holidays we ever had.
Your resort is like a dream comes true!
Thank you for everything!
Hope to see you in the coming years.
We would love to come back.

We hope you have many other satisfied guests and wish you all the best for the future.
Mira, Lubo, Diana und Bobby from Leipzig

26th of July 2015

Dear Andreas,

by coincident we got attentive of your beautiful holiday centre.
We were really taken by the beautiful location directly at sea, in mid of the wonderful garden, surrounded by lovely taverns and bars.
At all times the sun was shining and a slight breeze was blowing, what doesn’t made us just relaxing but also having some trips with our children. 
It is such a shame that we missed the concert.
We will keep this holiday always in our minds and will thinking back on it in good memories.
All the best for the future!

Kind regards from Austria!
Family Komarek

18th of July 2015

Dear Andreas,

the Youth Symphony Orchestra Leipzig would like to use this opportunity to extend its thanks. Our summer trip 2015 was a great success.
The atmosphere you were creating in Hellenikon Idyllion formed a significant part of it.
For nearly everyone of us our stay at yours was exceeding all the expectations!
We hope to come back soon!

Thank you for everything,
Yours Youth Symphony Orchestra of the music school Leipzig

18th of July 2015

Dear Andreas,

I was staying at your paradisiacal garden now for the second time.
At the first time, it was the greatest trip I ever had, now – back again – it was equally fantastic, a wonderful experience!
All those breath taking moments the garden was providing to me will always stay in my memories.

Thank you for everything!
Esmeralda, member of  the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the music school Leipzig

12th of July 2015

Dear Andreas,

what a beautiful place to unwind & be inspired by the 'Muses‘.
Thank you for your kindness & your help ~ also with Andra moi enepe musa …
I hope one day everything can find expression once again in this exceptional country! May 'Kairos' be ever present!
With warmest for all your future endevrions!

Michelle Kaplan
Cape Town - South Africa
12th of July 2015

Dear Andreas,

in these difficult times where shadows cross this beautiful land of Greece it is an inspiration to meet someone like you who has had a dream and carried it through to become a reality, in this garden of the Muse where art and culture have their place.
Thank you for your kindness and help for our journey and all best wishes for the future here ...
and may Grace once more come to your land!

Celeste Roux
Switzerland/South Africa

10th of July 2015

Dear Andreas,

sea, garden, nature - all of them unique and wonderful, but never the less without Andreas and his several stories it wouldn’t have been as it was – a very special time.
We pay our respect for your beautiful country, especially in those hard times.

Radovan Ivosevic and family

18th of June 2015

Dear Andreas,

thank you for the wonderful time in your paradise. The week definitely past to quickly and we are already looking forward our next stay!
Do your best to keep Dionysos at yours, he is the best worker! Thanks again for your hospitality. All the best!

See you soon!
Kathi (Beppo)

6th of June 2015

The sand, the beach, the garden, all those ancient places, the Care of Lakes and of course all the wonderful people we met, was great.
I hope I'll come back again to Idyllion and Greece. Thank you very much Andreas.

King regards

Class 9 from Lunds Waldorfschool Sweden

21st of May 2015

Dear Andreas,

ten extraordinary day in Greece are coming to an end, we have seen, experienced and learned many things.
Thereby the Idyllion became a temporary home for us!
We were always glad to get the chance to relax and let the thoughts run free in our garden-paradise after coming back from our excursions to the various sanctuaries of the ancient times.
Your place is just amazing!
Especially the immediate vicinity to the beach is fantastic.
For your hospitality and the story time evening where you told us about the genesis of this idyllic piece of land we say a heartfelt thanks.

Warm wishes and best of luck for the expansion of your gorgeous cultural meeting place send to you the 12th grade of the Rudolf-Steiner-School Dortmund

12th of April 2015

Dear Andreas,

great events are often foreshadowed.
To perform a play in ancient Greek language seems the to be a very big challenge to pupils of the far north of Germany.
But in first conversations shadows started to change into the light of Helios what was heighten excitement about this great vision.
Thank you for your hospitality at Hellenikon Idyllion.
See you soon and thanks again,
Judith Wölfenhoff, Jana, Gabriela und Birger Hutzfeld

6th of March 2015

Dear Andreas,

we really enjoyed our stay at yours!
A special highlight was picking and eating the fresh lemons and oranges J
The accommodation was CRACKING! ;-)
Thanks again for your hospitality, we hope there will many others that are going to enjoy their stay as much as we did!

Elise and Celine

11th of September-25th of October 2014

Dear Andreas!

This piece of earth is a brilliant discovery to me! It is such a peaceful and strengthened and inspiring place.
I was here for the very first time – together with my child and my accordion. And we enjoyed every moment – the fresh fruit in the garden, daily swimming in the sea, our little trips, the nice conversations in the garden as well as the nightly practice time together with a friend.
I am more than happy that you realized your idea.
…thank you so much for this wonderful time!

Birgit and Enrico

2nd of October 2014

Dear Andreas!

Garden! Music! Sea side! Sun! A dream that came true!
Is there anything better?
Thank you so much!

Julia, Katharina, Mave,
all the Musikmacher Essen

22nd of September 2014

Dear Andreas!

Consistency as proved its worth.
For 22 years now I am coming up to your place and the garden, the sea and the landscape are always gorgeous.
Also your own ideals never changed.

Thanks a million for the lovely time this year!
Ingeborg Kramer from Berlin and Ursula Vogt

28th of August 2014

Dear Andreas!

Hellenikon Idyllion, your own creation, is kind of a symbiosis of people – nature – culture to me.
We were allowed to dive into this unique garden that united all these.

I ntellect and inspiration
D ionysos and as so much more literary Greek works
IDY llic atmosphere in the garden among the trees
L iving
L ovely get-together
I ntercultural and international
O rganisation talent (yours!) and
N ature

+ culture and the tales of Greece

Thank you for creating a place like this! (It is reminding of the essential aspects of life!)
We have visited (and experienced) Epidaurus and the frogs, Olympia, Corinth and lots more,…

Thanks for all!
Manuela and Charly

May 2014

In the merry month of May we were spending one wonderful week at this amazing, sunny place and have to return with heavy hearts to cold and rainy Germany.

We would like to thank you for your hospitality, inspiration and the incredible tasty food! We hope, we were able to express our thanks by holding the little concert, anyway it was a great joy to us. Hope to be back soon =)

By then all the best!
The Detmolder Jungstudierenden-Institut/Profs & Studis of the HFM Detmold

May 2014

Even with an advertisement in the taz the journey to Selianitka can start. The travel information and the tips what to do in Athens are amazing, the Hotel PHIDIAS is really central and well organized.

The Hellenikon Idyllion itself is a unique place for relaxing and taking a break, also for people that are traveling on their own.

[…] Art [is] […] so important in our life. Art comforts us, raises us, gives us guidance. Art heals us. We are not only what we are eating or the air we breathing. We are also the stories that we have listening to, [...] the books we reading, the music we hearing and the feelings that a painting, a statue, have aroused a poem in us." Tiziano Terzani

Thanks so much to everyone, that is taking part in this wonderful project, e.g. the trainees
Karin from Frankfurt/Main

18th-23rd of May 2014

You were having us for a week as your guests in Hellenikon Idyllion. The excursions to Olympia, Kalavrita, Styx, Delphi and Epidaurus expand our own horizons enormously. The Idyllion was just the right place to come back and to relax after those exciting days.
We are already the third 12th grade of the free Waldorfschool Oldenburg that was being your guest.
We are wishing an on-going success and all the best for you and your life’s work!

12b, Nils Erlank, Evelyne

28th of November-17th of December 2013

I enjoyed Hellenikon Idyllion for nearly three weeks in wintertime! Sun, sea, clouds, wind, a pleasant temperature makes me feel to go hiking and discovering Athens, Delphi, Patras, Kalavrita and the beautiful mountains of the Peloponnese. By know I was just travelling Greece in summer, but the winter is really charming as well. A huge thank you to Gerda, who was looking after the property and garden in absence of man of the house, whom I wasn’t unfortunately able to meet personally. I hope this place is going to stay a meeting point for young people, music, art and culture!

I wish you all this for the future Angelika Saathof from Augsberg

4th-22nd of September 2013

Dear Andreas,

there is no paradise on earth. But there is a front yard to the paradise to me: your garden, the sea and the moon. For over more then 20 years I am watching the garden getting more and more beautiful even when the poplar trees needed to be cut down. A heartily thanks for your hospitality! – As well as – theses lines of R. M. Rilke, because nothing stays always the same:

Want the change
O be excited by its flame...
Our life passes in gradual transformation.
They wanted to blossom,
And blossoming means to be beautiful;
But we want to mature,
and that is to be dark
and to give your very best.

Ingeborg and Uschi from Berlin
Warmest regards align from Eberhard.

August 2011

From Russia with love
Dear Andreas!

Thank you very much for this piece of paradise you created. We really appreciated every minute we spent here.
Your idea is brilliant and we were lucky to find this beautiful place

Yours Elena