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Selianitika is said to be one of the most beautiful villages between Patras and Corinth. It impresses with small, two-story buildings, lots of  green spots and a wide promenade along the shingle beach. Little shops, a couple of restaurants (including vegetarian), cafes and fish markets  offer a great range and are very close to the Idyllion. Apart you can find a pharmacy and a newsagent with a rich array of current editions of  international papers. This region is characterised by a good infrastructure, the next bigger towns Egio (6K) and Patras (30K) can be reached by bus easily.

Most tourists are Greeks (95%), so Selianitika has a special Greek charm, even in the summer. Also remarkable is that there are many people with a special character in our village. For example the fisherman  Emilio, who sells his fresh fish every morning, or the baker who still bakes his bread in a traditional stoneoven.

The central location of Selianitika enables to do several daytrips to ancient places as Olympia, Delphi, old Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus and the Acropolis is Athens. Also hiking tours in the nearby mountains are a great option. A highly recommended place would be Taxiarchon, a monastery carved completely from solid rock, or clear blue mountain lake.

If you like to we are more then happy to give you appropriate guidance by planning your  day tours.

While there are 16 degrees at the beach in winter time you can go skiing in the mountains. Passionate winter sportspeople can go either by taxi, rack railway or the own car to the 80 K far ski area Kalavrita. You can rent skiing gear there.  We recommend to have a ride by the rack railway, which goes along unique and stunning glens.

Selianitka in the background, the village of Longos next to Selianitika

View on Selianitika from a boat, the Hellenikon Idyllion is approximately in the center of the beach front on this picture.

Selianitika typically greek

Romantic taverns at the seaside beneath Eucalyptus trees

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