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02nd-12th October
Die Musikmacher

20 young pianists and strings from Essen, Germany

More Information coming soon

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04th-11th August
The Berlin Accordion Orchestra our guests for the second time

The student orchestra VIVAccordia and the ensemble "conAmici" under the conduct of Vivien Müller will stay here and perform. The program will be a mix of popular pop and rock songs, classical music and a choice of traditional Greek songs.

The Berlin Accodion Orchestra at the 11th World Music Festival in Innsbruck

20th July-03rd August
Ἀττικιστὶ διαλέγεσθαι καὶ φιλοσοφείν

Speak and philosophize in Ancient Greek in the Garden of the Muses

See also Philosophize in Ancient Greek

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14th-21st June 
The FSB Youth Choir visiting us for the first time


The FSB youth Choir from bavaria. Conductor Jochen Kästner. The choir consits of 55 young singers and 6 carerers.

7th-12th June
Youth Symphony Orchestra from Ansbach

Under the conduct of Stefan Ubl will be our guest for the third time

The Orchestra 2008 at Hellenikon Idyllion

30th May-7th June
Rudolf-Steiner-Schule Dortmund

The Rudolf Steiner School Oldenburg will visit us for the third time with 29 students

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24th-31st May

The 17 musicians of the young college students institute of the musical university Detmold under the conduct of Prof Piotr Oczkowski will be our guest

Prof. Piotr Oczkowski

18th-26th May

The Rudolf Steiner School Oldenburg will visit us for the third time with 27 students

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15th-26th April
Music by the sea

Course of chamber music with Ruth Tüschner (Violin), Matyas Bartha (Violin), Ioanna Seira (Cello) and Imola Bartha (Piano)
We will be playing classical chamber music from Tschaikowsky, Beethoven, Schubert with different instrumentations, for example strings, wind section and piano.

Hellenikon Idyllion is a paradisiac place by the sea with a big garden, which contains several houses. There are a couple of half open rehearsal rooms with grand pianos.
The proprietary of Hellenikon Idyllion is a music-lover and had the chance to receive many chamber orchestras, ensembles and soloists from German-speaking countries. He is a committed host who wil organise several concerts in different places for us. During these concerts we will also perform music from Greek composers, so that we will get to learn about the country and the people in a fascinating way.

Matyas Bartha will be with us again, he is a member in a big orchestra and thus can give much expert advice.  The pianist Imola Bartha will lead the chamber music groups and the violinist Ruth Tüscher will be working with us as well. Every time it is amazing to see how much the group and the music evolves.
Children and adolescents, who play a string instrument for 5-6 years and who are between 12 and 18 years old, can register. The ensembles will be placed together according to level, age and experience in chamber music. 
We play string quartets, piano trios, violin duos and cello ensembles. In the chamber orchestra we all play together, advanced students can even try themselves out and play a solo. Klezmer music and Greek folklore music are planned as well.
You should possess good technical basics and you should be willing to prepare for the course with the notes that you will receive in time before you come to Greece.

The beach 10m next to our Hellenikon Idyllion 

You will be practicing 3-5 hours every day and in the breaks you can go for a swim (the sea will still be cool, but it will be warm enough for swimming), relax and enjoy the sun in the garden or even practice. We will eat our meals together in a great tavern clos to our house. Even if you do not know anybody, you are welcome in our “music family” and you will feel at home. In order to ensure the quality and this family atmosphere we do not want to take more than 18 participants.
Please apply early, so that we can get cheap flights for you. The music holiday will cost approximately 990,00 EUR including flight, transfer, accommodation and meals as well as daily instructions. We are looking for sponsors, so that the participation in this trip will be cheaper for everybody.

Ruth Tüscher
Goetheanumstr. 9
4143 Dornach
E-Mail: ruth.tuescher@web.de
Phone: 0041-61-7020359

Information from May 2013

Maximum number of participants is reached, there are no further registrations possible, however, there are still accommodations  available for non-participants

25th April 2014 Athens (location soon will be announced here)

More information on http://www.kammermusikwochen-allegria.ch/


Ruth Tüscher, violin (Germany)

Born and raised in Munich, studies in Munich and Freiburg i.Br. under Rainer Kussmaul. Several master classes, for example under Denes Zsigmondy and in the Cleveland-Quartett. 1990/91 stay abroad – concertmaster at the Opera Mozart in Prag. Married, four children, violin teacher at the Free Music School Basel since 2001

Matyas Bartha, violin (Romania)

Born 1972 in Baraolt (Romania), studies in Klausenburg under Prof. I. Ruha and Prof. I. Laszlo-Herbert (chamber music). Master classes at the Schubert-Quartet in Vienna, Amadeus-Quartet, Bartok-Quartet and under G. Kurtag. Concerts in many cities throughout Europe and South America, for example with the Zurich string quartet, with the Euler Quartet Basel and the Musici Volanti Bern. Baroque music with the Swiss Baroque Soloists and the Ensemble Baroque de Limoges. Member of the Symphony Orchestra Basel since 2001.

Imola Bartha, piano (Romania)

Born in Tirgu Mures (Romania). Studies of piano, chamber music and correpetition at the Music Academy Klausenburg/Romania under Cecilia Sbarcea and Ferdinand Weiss. Soloist diploma. Accompanist for violin and viola classes at the Music Academy Klausenburg. Accompanist for the contrabass class at the Music College Basel and also accompanist at the Music school Basel. Imola Bartha won several awards in chamber music and soloist competitions. She performs at various concerts as a soloist with orchestra as well as appreciated chamber music partner in different line-up.

We will be accompanied by 1-2 adults who will be responsible for free-time activities and chaperonage. Trips and concerts show us the beauties of the countries.

Ioanna Seira, violoncello (Greece)

Born in 1991 in Athens, she won several awards in young years, for example the Eurovisions Contest for young soloists in Athens when she was 14. Aged 15 she received the diploma of the Attikon Conservatory Athens with gold medal with honourable mention. With 16 she became scholar at the Onassis Foundation and studied under Prof. Kanngiesser in Cologne. Later on she won a contest which was organized by Princess Irene of Greece and with that another scholarship. After she received her Bachelor degree at the College of Arts Zurich under Prof. Wallfisch, she continued taking classes under Thomas Gossenbacher for her Master degree. Ioanna Seira attended many master classes, for example in chamber music with members of the Carmina Quartet under Wen Sin Yangund. She has a big Repertoire, as a soloist as well as in chamber music. She performed as a soloist accompanied by the National Orchestra Athens at the Lalo Concert in Athens in 2009, in 2010 with the Tripel Concert and in 2011 she performed the Swan by Saint-Saens live at the Christmas concert in the Greek national radio.

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